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Our Commitments

The client is our priority, and solving client problems is our objective. Therefore, we faithfully apply a series of professional commitments to our work. These have made our practice successful, and helped us to stand out from other law firms.




The MartínAndino Abogados team is always available via email, telephone and mobile phone. Our office is open, and works closely with clients, taking great care to meet their needs. This requires immediate responses. We know how to work under pressure, and are aware fast responses are vital for our clients.


Practical advice.


We distance ourselves from imparting legal theory advice, because we do not provide law classes. Instead, we collaborate towards solving a complex problem. Our experience allows us to provide the clearest, most practical and simple answer, and we work hand in hand with the client’s management team to achieve this. We seek legally viable solutions focused on the client’s business.


Cost efficiency.


Our objective is to offer top class Law Firm services at a reasonable price. We are fully transparent with our fees, which the client will be aware of before beginning the professional commission. We are flexible in terms of receiving payment for our services and place more emphasis on results than time involved.


Partner Dedication.


A team consisting of a Partner and a Senior Associate works on all issues the Firm takes on. The Partner is directly involved in the execution of the work and is aware of its progress at all times, and always available for the client to answer any questions that may arise.


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